Saturday, September 22, 2012

Continuing on the Organigoth journey....

It has been a very long while since I have posted anything. I kind of gave up on this page because it doesn't seem like anyone else has both an affinity for darker things and living healthy. I have been researching away, as usual, and I have made some very positive changes to my life in terms of food, supplements and beauty products. I figured I'd share them with the air, and the interwebz. I was also wondering if I should start posting about food and supplements instead of just beauty/skincare. We'll see how it goes.

Anyhow, I have come across some new products that I absolutely love and want to discuss. First is a new daily moisturizer with spf!

 Badger SPF 16 Sunscreen Lotion Aloe Vera
  • Price: $17.99 for a 2.9 oz. tube
  • Can be found at, various health food stores
  • First impressions: Felt very light, no scent!
  • Cons: I haven't been able to find any except the fact that it's a tad pricey?
  • Pros: Light, non sticky, doesn't leave skin greasy.

I suspect you are noticing the level of spf on the tube. Yes, it is only spf 16! Why on earth would someone like me only use spf 16?? This will not improve my ability to pale! Well, in my research I have been learning more and more about vitamin D, that most important of vitamins that your body makes from exposure to *gasp* sunlight. It wasn't too much of a surprise when I discovered that my vitamin D levels were alarmingly low. I avoid the sun at almost all costs. It was,  however, a big surprise to find out how many wonderful things vitamin D does, and how terrible a person can feel with a deficiency. Rickets anyone?? I won't go into all that vitamin D does for the body, you can learn about that here: But knowing what I know now I have decided to embrace a lower level of sun protection when I go out.

If you have read prior posts you know I have been on the hunt for the perfect daily moisturizer for FOR EV ER. I was sad to see my SUPER by Perricone moisturizer go because of unhealthy ingredients. I loved how it felt and the level of spf was high, plus it smelled divine! Almost every truly natural moisturizer with spf I have tried has been disgustingly sticky and thick, or left my face shiny and greasy. I found out that Badger was introducing a new sunscreen LOTION! I love my Badger products! They are committed to being truly natural, use organic ingredients whenever possible, and are easy to find at my local health food store. Although their regular sunscreens didn't work for my face, they do work nicely on my body. I went to my nearest Whole Foods to pick up the lotion as soon as it came out. Having been burned by so many other products, I tried a little on the back of my hand while I shopped. I wanted to check to see if the lotion was going to give me trouble before I spent the money on it and it ended up in my FAIL bin. The first things I noticed when I applied the lotion were how light it felt and how it didn't have that odd odor sunscreens usually have. It seemed to soak into my skin with very minimal effort. I went about doing the rest of my shopping, every so often feeling the back of my hand for tackiness. By the time I was ready to check out I couldn't tell I had applied anything to my hand beyond it feeling softer, so I bought it and rushed home to try it out on my face.

It's been months since I purchased it and I have to say I love love love this stuff! It's very light and soaks in easily. It doesn't have a scent, which I have been having issues with lately, and best of all it doesn't leave me greasy or sticky. When I wear powder it acts as a very nice base and goes over my Vapour Organic primer splendidly.

Next we have Tsi La Natural Perfumery and Organics Fiori D'Arancio Perfume!

  • Price: Eau de parfum $95 for 50ml Eau de parfum oil $44 for 4ml
  • Can be found at,
  • First impressions: Oh yum!!
  • Cons: Expensive!!!! Scent doesn't last terribly long on me.
  • Pros: Smells delicious! Totally organic and free of phthalates!
Unfortunately, my body seems to be becoming more sensitive. Almost everything I smell lately gives me a headache or makes me feel ill. Even scents on other people seem to make me feel sick. I have also become much more strict about ingredients in the products I use. All of this has led me to begin searching for new perfumes.
I prefer gourmand, or citrus scents for every day wear. They have become very popular, and although that is a plus for those who use conventional phthalate ridden scents, it didn't really help me. Natural perfumes are of course harder to come by, and organic perfumes harder still. Most of them are cliched granola hippy patchouli stink bombs. I stumbled upon Tsi-La (pronounced chee-la) on the glamorganic goddesses site and was immediately intrigued. I ordered a sample which came with a few other scents, but by far Fiori was my favorite! It smells like an orange creamsicle!! I was happy to find that it doesn't make me sneeze or give me a headache. Most natural perfumes have issues with staying power, and this one is no different. I have tried layering it, first the oil then the spray, and it lasts a little longer than the two alone. I have yet to purchase the full size of either because they are pricey. Since I'm working with samples this is another "special occasion" scent, but it's a definite favorite and may possibly become my new signature scent.


  1. Ah, how different our attitudes are!

    You said you didn't think there were many organic goths out there, so you got discouraged about blogging.

    I never blogged until recently because it seemed everything I wanted to say, someone else already said. There's TONS of real food/traditional food/paleo/WAPF/GAPS blogs & sites. There's tons of diabetes blogs & sites. So I just commented on blogs, participated on forums, and felt I had nothing much to add.

    Until I decided to try treating diabetes with GAPS... then I felt I had something unique enough to say that was worth my own blog.

    Also wrt vitamin D, if you want your face pale, but are more OK with color on your body, you could sunbathe, but protect your face.

    Otherwise, yeah you should supplement. Dr. Davis says to avoid heart disease (which I already have), your levels should be in the 60-80 ng/dL range.

    Mine have never been near that. I took a "good" oil-based supplement at 1000 IU/day, still had a bad test. I went up to 2000 IU/day, still had a bad test. I went up to 10,000 IU/day and STILL had a bad test.

    I began to think they could put vitamin D in one arm via IV, draw blood from the other arm, and somehow it would disappear!

    So now I'm doing cod liver oil, with the idea that perhaps a more food-based source will be better absorbed. The WAPF people say vitamins A & D need each other to work (vitamin D also needs vitamin K2 to work, but I get a lot of K2 as I eat gobs of very dark pastured butter).

    Course I can't STAND cod liver oil, even the normal kind, even the flavored stuff. I bought fermented once, but had to throw it out. I dunno how people eat that. I'm just taking a simple CLO capsule that has real vitamins A & D.

    The thing with scents... might be adrenal or thyroid related, as Val (from the Yahoo! adrenals group) always said it was. To me, I think it is age to some degree. Or maybe it's a need to detox.

    Scents didn't use to bother me, even ones I didn't like were OK. Now, I have trouble walking down the laundry aisle in the grocery, or being in a small shop with scented candles and insence. Makes me feel I'm going to puke. I can only tolerate plain essential oils like lavender or peppermint or clove. Basically... scents that are foods! All the rest just smell chemically to me.

    I've been buying a scent-free laundry detergent and the trouble there is, you can't sniff things to remember if they've been washed or not! So hubby HAS to put his laundry away right away as I can't double check it.

    The weird thing is even SOAP bothers me now. I've been using plain Ivory soap FOREVER as I never wanted to put deodorants or perfumes all over my body; even when I wore a scent regularly in my younger days, I preferred unscented soap as why would I want contrasting scents in my soap?

    Anyways, I am just crunchy enough to have tried making homemade lye soap a few times and it smells JUST like Ivory, that is what plain soap smells like.

    Since I've been mostly doing baking soda and Epsom salt baths due to GAPS, I'm not showering much, just when I need to wash my hair. Yesterday, I needed to wash my hair, and while neither the baking soda "shampoo" nor vinegar "conditioner" bothered me at all... the soap started bothering me. Weird.

  2. I prefer my whole body to be pale. I am supplementing vitamin D in various forms including fermented cod liver oil. That stuff is yucko, but it's better than being tan. I try and get at least 10,000 I.U.s a day in because my levels are so low. YES! I don't know what happened but synthetic scents irritate me so much now. I even have to be careful with how much lavender essential oil I use in things. It makes me sneeze. :/